Ketogenic Mealplanner – Electronic Ketogenic Manager (EKM)

Bruce Carroll (MicroMan2000 Ltd) worked with Dr. Elizabeth Neal RD, at the Institute of Child Health in London to develop a ketogenic calculator back in the year 2000.  This program allows dietitians and those parents that wish to have ability to fine tune or even create meal plans with accurately calculated ratios, fat, protein and carbohydrate intake.  It must be stressed that this NOT a substitute for a medically supervised diet. This programme must be used with the close supervision of a ketogenic dietitian and medical supervision. It is available with all foods from “The Composition of Foods” data set (version 7), however any food can be entered directly into the programme thus EKM can be used with a personal selection of foods or a vast range from the data set provided.

The one condition that Bruce and Liz made when developing this programme was that it would be made available freely to any parent or patient that required it and was medically managed by a ketogenic team, that condition still applies today.

New Video Tutorials For EKM – The Easyway With Fay Ripley

New phase of development for 2016 onwards in partnership with Matthew’s Friends Ketogenic Dietary Therapies charity

A major re-write of EKM this year has enabled the program to be used within the following operating systems and platforms:

  • Mac desktop OS X
  • PC, Windows version 7 and above (Vista will work but not recommended)
  • Android; phone and tablets (recommend non-Intel platforms)
  • iPad and iPhone; iOS

Therefore the majority of desktop and portable devices are now supported by this new release of EKM.

Matthew’s Friends are delighted to be supporting the EKM and sponsoring its continuing development so as to benefit not only families but also ketogenic dietitians.

For those wishing to download EKM then you will need to confirm that you are being supervised by a ketogenic team.

Please contact for your EKM access code and registration.

For further information and support please visit the EKM website