Pablo’s Story

pabloAt the time of writing I am 27 years old and last year I was diagnosed with a high grade glioblastoma multiforme of the right parietal lobe. Basically, cancerous, inoperable and terminal cancer of the brain.

The life expectancy statistics I was given were 6-9 months of life, possibly 14 months with chemo-radiotherapy. Unfortunately for me, my tumour is inoperable otherwise I would have had most of it removed. I then, after a lot of research and deliberation decided that I would rather live a life well than to live it undergoing constant trips to the hospital and feeling very ill. So I decided to follow the ketogenic diet after finding out about it through a friend’s friend who was in remission using the ketogenic diet alongside chemo-radiotherapy and debulking. She directed me to Matthews Friends and from there I got help setting myself up for the strict ketogenic diet through their dietitian Sue Wood.

I have been measuring my blood glucose and blood ketone measurements at least twice daily, every day, as well as making sure I consume at least 90% fat in my diet. I am also very strict on what I eat. So no root vegetables with a high carbohydrate content and no sweet foods at all. I admit that at the start the whole concept was an uphill struggle. I missed eating normal foods like pastries and bread and all those comfort foods that everybody indulges in. Ultimately, for me, it is a matter of life or death. This diet is the main cancer management therapy I have going for me.

Miraculously I have had two stable scans in over a year and 2 months or so. I believe that the ketogenic diet and my utter strictness, with the help of my loving girlfriend, is what is keeping my tumour stable and managing the facial paresthesia that comes with the tumour inhabiting my brain.

I believe that I could be of benefit to the medical industry in conducting trials into what is actually happening within my body at a molecular level to manage this “terminal” cancer. It would also benefit others in the same situation as myself.

I have just recently, on the 16th november 2015 had my 5th scan and I am feeling really quite well, so I feel that hopefully it is stable again or even better, shrinking.

I hope to one day inspire people.

Thank you,

Warm regards,

Pablo Isaiah Kelly, (Still Living) Aged 27