Hannah’s story

Kerry tells us about her daughter Hannah and her experience on the Ketogenic Diet. Hannah is 5 years old and has PDHD (pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency).

“Hannah has been on the ketogenic diet now for over a year and it’s the best decision we’ve made for her. She has developed in all areas both physically and mentally, she has lots more energy and even sleeps better! She was underweight but is now thriving at a very healthy weight.

It took a few months to get to know the diet and for Hannah to get good ketones, but we were very patient and continued with it as it doesn’t only work for her epilepsy but her PDH deficiency too! She has a lot more colour to her and barely ever naps through the day, she was so lethargic before.

She now has no high lactic acid or dehydration in her bloods, all her bloods have been spot on since starting. She has good bowel movement and has started being very vocal and alert (she used to cry all the time). I recommend this diet to anyone that has been offered it or considered it… once you get the swing of things it’s easier to manage and we’ve always had full support especially from Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Dr Desurkar has been there all the way and the Dietician we have, Hannah Taylor, is absolutely fab, she is always on the other end of the phone or we email whenever we need her help, whether it’s to ask how much of a piece of fruit she can have or whatever. It really has been a god send and it’s prolonging Hannah’s life giving her all the vitamins she needs. Hannah has also been seizure-free since April!”

We couldn’t be happier for Hannah and her family – their positivity shines through in Kerry’s words! We are looking forward to meeting up with the family and other PDHD families at the annual meeting of The (fantastic) Freya Foundation later this year.