Shaina’s Story

Before Euan had epilepsy he was always happy and smiling. But then he kept on having dizzy, strange spells every so often. We all knew something was wrong. Once mum had taken him to the hospital eventually,that’s when we all found out. Euan had epilepsy. I didn’t know what epilepsy was. Mum an Martin explained it all to me. It made me sad thinking about it. If people would bully him for it, or make fun of him. and if he would still be happy. I was very sad, I didn’t know what to tell people if they asked or if I should tell them anything.

A few months after that things went from bad to worse. He was having up to 40 fits per DAY! He had to go to hospital for weeks. I hated going to see him sometimes, wires all over him and scans being done, always sleeping. At that point it was harder than ever. He had to take all these medicines all the time. When Euan was out of hospital, a lady came to talk to Mum and Martin to tell them a bit more about epilepsy, she talked to me and my brother as well. She showed us the part of the brain that wasn’t working very well. It helped a bit to understand exactly what was going on in his body to cause him to have these fits.

Euan was then put on medicnes that didn’t seem to be working, so he had to get a new kind. This medicine worked and he was down to about 7 fits a day. He then started having more each day. This wasn’t very good.

Euan was put on a diet not long ago. It helps him lots. He is calling mum ‘baddy’ again, giving cuddles,and the occasional kiss, he isn’t so wobbly. I feel much much much better now because of all these reasons. He is much happier to. He can be annoying at times,but I guess it isn’t his fault.

Euan goes to a nursery during the week, he enjoys it anyway and that makes me happy. He knows when he goes.
He tries to speak, we get the occasional ‘hiya’ and ‘byebye’ and he tries to say other things as well but he just can’t get it out. Hopefully he will soon though, fingers crossed. He isn’t so wobbly anymore either.

Everyone is really happy with euans improvement.

I hope someday he will outgrow his condition. Good luck Euan I’m glad your getting better. xxx

Lots of love, Shaina, your big sis xx
Karens daughter and Euans sister!