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Give up, for the month of November, refined sugar products such as biscuits, cakes and sweets and raise funds for Matthew’s Friends at the same time!

Patients who are prescribed a medical Ketogenic Dietary Therapy never eat sugar-laden ‘treats’, join us and show support for children and adults with drug-resistant epilepsy.  You will feel amazing!

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Link your own event JustGiving page to our #sugarfreeforepilepsy campaign page.  Share with your friends, family and colleagues to help raise awareness and funds to support people with complex epilepsy.

What Will Your Event Be?

Here are some ideas:

A bake sale with a difference!

Use one of our many sugarfree recipes to create cakes and muffins galore!

Sponsored slim!

Looking to lose lbs in the run up to Christmas? Cutting the CARBage will help you achieve this!

Save and donate!

Send Matthew’s Friends your usual spend on sugary drinks, crisps, biscuits, cakes, sweets and chocolate (alcohol?!) for November, while you go #sugarfreeforepilepsy!

A school, office or home collection!

Donate your usual spends or pay ‘fines’ for ‘cheating’!

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Send us the details of what you have planned for #sugarfreeforepilepsy in November and we will feature them here on our website along with your photos.

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Don’t forget to message us to tell us all about your plans!

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Inspirational Recipes Available

For inspirational recipes from our #ketokitchen visit our YouTube channel here.


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How Can Ketogenic Dietary Therapies Help People With Epilepsy?

The ‘Holy Grail’ of the Ketogenic Diet is for a patient to be initiated on the diet, become seizure free, reduce/remove the amount of anti-epileptic medication taken, wean the diet off after a period of 2 years and STAY seizure free.

This DOES happen for some, but there are also other degrees of success on the Ketogenic Diet:

  • Reduction in number of and intensity of seizures
  • Reduction in medications and their subsequent side effects
  • Increased alertness
  • Improvement in behavioural problems
  • Improvement in learning ability

Go sugar-free for November to raise awareness of Ketogenic Therapy for complex epilepsy and funds for the Ketogenic Diet Charity supporting families and professionals, Matthew’s Friends.

Join us in raising awareness of medical ketogenic dietary therapies, where children and adults are sugar-free every day.

Tell us about YOUR plans for going Sugar Free in November and sign up here to join our campaign

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