The Ketogenic Dietitians Research Network is a newly-established group of paediatric and adult ketogenic dietitians and researchers.

The aims of the group are to:

  • Provide a support network for dietitians undertaking, or interested in undertaking ketogenic diet-related research
  • Share practice and research ideas between UK ketogenic centres.
  • Apply for funded research time for dietetic-lead projects.
  • Promote evidence-based practice by publishing results from our projects, and through sharing and review of relevant journal articles.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team are currently working on our first project.

If you are interested in joining the group, or collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Dr. Natasha Schoeler on

January 2019 Update

Project updates

  1. MKDs in the UK

Project aim:  To understand the core principles of MKD practice and to assess if and how the MKD differs from other KD protocols.


  • Manuscript submitted for publication to Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Awaiting reviewer response.
  • Collaboration with dietitians in the United States underway to enhance understanding of international MKD practice.
  1. Nutritional Biochemistry and KDs – Projects A and B

Project A aim: Describe picture of KD biochemical testing in UK and Ireland. Compare UK practice to international guidelines.

Project B aim: Guide for dietitians regarding biochemical results in KD patients—evidence summary and suggested courses of action for abnormal results.


  • Project A: manuscript in progress showing significant variability amongst centres and deviance from international guidelines. Costing info included to emphasise variability. There is potential to devise recommendations for future practice in collaboration with medics and biochemists.
  • Project B: biochemical parameters that impact dietetic practice selected; literature review completed for each parameter.
  1. Resources

Dietitians Alison Craig (Leeds Children’s Hospital) and Lucy Blackstone (Manchester Children’s Hospital) have produced two very useful resources:  ‘Non-prescribable “keto” products’ and ‘Ketogenic shopping listPlease contact for a copy.

  1. Website

KDRN now has its own WEBSITE! This will be a platform for sharing information on projects and meetings. Please copy the following link to request access:

Posters & Presentations

  1. NICE to know: impact of NICE guidelines on ketogenic diet services across the UK

Presented at British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA) Annual Conference (Jan 2018); Ketoconference (May 2018); 6th Global Symposium on Ketogenic Therapies for Neurological Disorders (Oct 2018)

Abstract accepted at BPNA to be presented in Jan 2019

  1. Understanding the core principles of a ’modified ketogenic diet’; a UK and Ireland perspective

Presented at Ketoconference (May 2018); 6th Global Symposium on Ketogenic Therapies for Neurological Disorders (Oct 2018)

  1. Biochemical assessment of patients on a ketogenic diet: current practice in the UK and Ireland

Presented at 6th Global Symposium on Ketogenic Therapies for Neurological Disorders (Oct 2018)

Presenters: Vicki Whiteley, Natasha Schoeler, Kirsty Martin-McGill

If you are a dietitian or dietetic support worker working in ketogenic-related clinical practice, academia or industry and are interested in joining the group, or collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you! We also offer Associate Membership for dietitians not currently practising in ketogenic and for other healthcare professionals.

Please contact Dr. Natasha Schoeler:

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December 2017 Update

A very productive and exciting November meeting!

  • We have a new group logo and we have formulated a written Group Constitution and a statement about the involvement of industry and charity with the KDRN.
  • The KDRN Exec Committee has been formed.
  • We have the results from our survey of KD services in UK and Ireland. The work will be presented at the British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA) conference in Jan 2018 as a poster and oral presentation. Manuscript to follow! We are hoping results will aid business cases and new centres in developing databases/guidance on what information to record.
  • Other current projects underway:

Nutritional biochemistry: outline of current UK practice of nutritional blood tests for patients starting or following a ketogenic diet, and future recommendations.

Modified ketogenic diets: an overview of adult and paediatric MKD practice in the UK

  • Our next meeting will take place in Liverpool 23rd February 2018.

Please contact Dr Natasha Schoeler for further information, or if you would like to join/collaborate with the group:

August 2017 Update

A very productive and exciting August meeting!

  • We now have preliminary data from the KDRN survey. Many thanks to all of you who completed it. We are formulating an abstract for submission to the BPNA and will be in contact with all participants in due course.
  • Our very own Group Constitution and KDRN Exec Committee are forthcoming.
  • New group logo to be revealed soon!

We are pleased to welcome associate members to the group. This is for any health professional or service user with an interest in ketogenic diets. Associate members will receive a biannual newsletter with updates from the group.

Our next meeting will take place in Birmingham on 1st Nov 2017.

Please contact Dr Natasha Schoeler for any further information.

Questionnaire on Ketogenic Diet Services

Are you part of a ketogenic diet service in the UK and Ireland? Interested in sharing some basic information about your service to compare resource allocation and help with future funding applications? If so, we’d be grateful if you could complete our questionnaire on ketogenic diet services across the UK and Ireland.

Please copy and paste the link below into a Chrome browser for best compatibility.  Please complete one questionnaire per Trust/service.  Completion time is estimated to be one hour, but this will vary depending on the size of your service and databases.

The deadline for completed questionnaires is Friday 7th July.  Thank you!