Matthew with his mum Emma and his sister Alice

Welcome to the Matthew’s Friends Medical Ketogenic Diets support forum. When I set the charity up back in 2004, we did originally have a forum on our website which proved very popular and friends were made that are still in my life today. The support found there helped me through some tough times, be it with the diet or even with Matthew’s epilepsy but we were all in the same boat, we could all understand how each other felt and that kind of support is so very important. As social media grew the need for a website forum seemed to be less as we were all on Facebook and could instant message one another. There are now a lot of different ketogenic groups on Facebook which is wonderful as there will be a group out there to suit everyone, but increasingly we are being asked to set one up and who are we to refuse the needs of our families, we haven’t done before and don’t intend to start now. As with everything we do, we are careful with our information and your information, so we ask that you complete the form below in order to be invited to join. Matthew’s Friends is a supportive friendship network and I hope you find the help and support you need within our forum. The MF ambassadors and I look forward to seeing you in there and chatting with you.

With much love,
Emma xx (Matthew’s mum)

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