Online Introductory Course for Families, Carers and Patients

In this section you will find a list of links to various films we have made to help you with preparing and managing a medical ketogenic diet. We have put these all in an ‘easy to find’ list which you can view at your leisure. All these are freely available on our YouTube channel and there are many other recipes and interviews that you can watch on this channel which you can also subscribe to and receive alerts as to when new films have been added.

We try and make everything we do for families free of charge and the films we make are no exception, however, in order to keep these updated and continue to add to our information films and recipe demonstrations we would be most grateful for any donations. So if you find these films useful, if they have helped at all then please consider donating or fundraising for us so we can continue with our work and support more families – wherever they may come from. It is all part of our on going mission to make sure that medical ketogenic dietary therapies are accessible to all who may need them.

Emma Williams MBE
Founder/CEO – Matthew’s Friends Global
Director – Matthew’s Friends Clinics Ltd

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Matthew’s Story – the Boy behind the charity

a) A word from the families

b) Dan’s Story

c) Lee’s Story

Film 1 – Preparation for Ketogenic Therapy

a) Starting a diet – Low Carb ideas

b) Low Carb Fruits and Vegetables

c) Talking Protein

d) Unusual Veggies!

e) Talking Vitamins and toiletries

f) Talking Sweeteners

Film 2 – Diet Prescription and Planning

a) Modified Diets – Portion Control

Film 3 – Medical Management of the Diet

a) Managing Illness whilst on Ketogenic Diets

b) Side Effects – Talking Constipation

Film 4 – Everyday Management of the Diet

a) Keto on a budget

b) Freezing Ketogenic Food

c) Keto Food on the move

Film 5 – What is the Electronic Ketogenic Manager (EKM)

Film 6 – Setting up the EKM

Film 7 – Creating a meal and adding products to the EKM

Film 8 – Completing the monitoring information within the EKM

Charity Patrons:

Tony’s Celeriac Chips and Crisps

Ready Steady Keto Episode 1

Ready Steady Keto Episode 2

Fay’s Chocolate Fudge

Fay’s Bakewell Tart

Further Information:

Introduction to #KetoKitchen channel on YouTube

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Information on Low Carb and Ketogenic Resources

Some of our most popular recipes

Party Size Chocolate Cake

Dairy Free Low Carb Ice Cream

Keto Bread Rolls

Low Carb Sausage Rolls

For the full recipes of all of the above plus many more please visit our website KetoKitchen section.