All those with drug resistant epilepsy should be able to gain access to dietary therapies and be supplied with the correct information so that a properly informed treatment decision can be made. Matthews Friends NZ therefore aims to:

  1. Raise awareness of ketogenic dietary therapy as a medically proven and effective treatment for childhood epilepsy;
  2. Support in the education & training of parents and carers through a website with an online forum, Facebook page, telephone helpline, and family conferences;
  3. Support in the education & training of health professionals through the organisation of meetings, seminars and conferences, with the aim of ensuring the diet is managed effectively;
  4. Provide information to patients and families via brochures and books;
  5. Provide ketogenic diet starter packs to new families;
  6. Assist with funding to provide sufficient numbers of adequately trained staff to allow the ketogenic diet to be implemented when deemed appropriate and necessary.