Vitaflo Recipe Books



mkd recipe book

Vitaflo® has produced several recipe book books, with recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. You should only use these recipes if you or the person you are preparing them for is under the care of a dietitian.

The recipes books introduce the use of carbzero and betaquik the 4:1 classical diet, MCT and mKD. Your dietitian will advise on what recipes will suit your individual needs.

Vitaflo Items

The following items are made by Vitaflo and could be prescribed for use on a ketogenic diet by your doctor or dietitian.


Beta Quik

Is a ready to use medium chain triglyceride (MCT) ‘emulsion’ containing no carbohydrate or protein, therefore a convenient way to increase the MCT fat content in a ketogenic diet.

Betaquik can be simply used as an alternative to milk, flavoured with suitable ‘sugar free’ syrups, or used in cooking/baking. It has a normal boiling point and can be frozen into an ice lolly.

Once opened it should be refrigerated and used within 2 days.


A great alternative to liquid MCT. MCTprocal is a neutral tasting powder that is a fabulous way to get MCT into the diet whilst adding texture to foods. MCTprocal does contain carbohydrate and protein which does need calculating for any version of the diet where it is used.


Fruti Vits

A low carbohydrate, orange flavoured powdered vitamin, mineral and trace element supplement suitable for the ketogenic diet. Can be made up with permitted fluids, made into a jelly or even mixed with cream.