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Matthew’s Friends Rare Revolution article


Matthew’s Friends are delighted to be featured in the Autumn edition, RARE Epilepsy Issue 017, where our Founder and CEO, Emma Williams, gives an insight into medical Ketogenic Dietary Therapies for drug-resistant, rare and complex epilepsies. Click here to access the full edition See Page 5 for Professor Helen [...]

Matthew’s Friends Rare Revolution article2020-10-16T06:02:12+01:00

Actor Mishti Mukherjee Dies of Kidney Failure


Actor Mishti Mukherjee Dies of Kidney Failure – Why Keto Diet is Not Advisable in Kidney Ailments Response to the above article by Dr. Janak Nathan, part of the Matthew’s Friends International Expert Advisory Board. The Ketogenic Diet must be taken only under Expert Supervision We have just heard about the sad and [...]

Actor Mishti Mukherjee Dies of Kidney Failure2020-10-16T06:22:55+01:00

School Lunches


Ella is a grazer and always has been. Pre keto that meant she ate breakfast on the way to school, or at snack time. Her lunchbox contained yoghurt, lots of fruit and sandwiches and without fail, the sandwiches were only ever slightly nibbled when I collected her at the end of the day. Of course, [...]

School Lunches2020-08-11T14:55:01+01:00

Ella’s Keto blog


WELCOME TO ELLA’S KETO BLOG… Ella’s mum Emily is a very active and supportive member of our Ketogenic Facebook Forum for families and her fantastic pictures of Ella’s meals (and the lovely Ella of course) together with the ingredients she uses are really inspirational for others, so much so, that [...]

Ella’s Keto blog2020-10-09T17:12:00+01:00

Lucy’s Cookery Corner


WELCOME TO LUCY’S COOKERY CORNER….. We are delighted to host a blog for the lovely Lucy Murphy.  A young woman who has been on the diet for quite a while as you will read below.  Her story is inspirational as is her skills in the kitchen! In her blog Lucy is [...]

Lucy’s Cookery Corner2020-09-08T08:47:03+01:00