Welcome to the new online Ketotraining section of Matthew’s Friends.

Matthew with his mum Emma and his sister Alice

If you are a healthcare professional, family member or patient, we have a range of films and resources that should help you get started with your ketogenic dietary therapy. We appreciate how difficult it is to travel to meetings for some people and our aim has always been to make sure we support not only all those patients and families who wish to go on medical Ketogenic Dietary Therapy, but all those medical professionals who want to administer these diets in a safe and responsible way in the best interests of their patients where ever they may be in the world.

We want to thank all the medical professionals who gave up their time freely in the making of these films and the subsequent updates. This project is ongoing (subject to funding) and our mentors will be keeping our information updated and will review this information on a regular basis. We want to thank all our fundraisers and supporters who have made this project possible and help us move us a step closer to completing our mission of medical ketogenic dietary therapies being available to ALL those who could benefit.

Please register your details with us and we will keep you updated of all our projects and don’t hesitate to send through your suggestions to us.

We are here to help.

Best wishes.
Emma Williams MBE
Founder and Chief Executive.