Cameron’s Story

Cameron Wrote His Own Story:

Once there was a boy who had a big epilepsy problem. He was watched over by his parents(so many sleepless knights in hospital holding his hand). they would come rushing in at knight if he had a seizure(fit) but they decided to hold on stick to there target. Stay on the diet stay on the diet. They did didn’t they and they finally reached there target (no more fits) I am now off the diet and doing well no more fits now so bye bye fits and good riddance. I hope that who ever reads this will understand the message(if you focus and stick to something you can and will achieve it(try try try again))mind you I still have to take medicine whats that mum meds time ok see you later(each dot resembles a second Ive been away…hello im back but as we can all agree sometimes we cant entirely get past things. I mean look at me problem gone but I still have to take medicine. there are 2(two) most likely things which I think were the reason for my epileptic problem problem at birth

2. When I got scred for life by hitting my head on the patio runway(mettle)(ouch)

Bye love Cameron David Bater

His Mum Heather Says:

Brought on an emotional moment here I must admit altho you will notice he mentions nothing about cheating!! He was a special care baby for 3 weeks (resp distress) and hit his head on the patio track when he was 4, which is what he refers to above. I expect all you mums won’t need an interpretation of all the other imaginative spellings!!